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The Piscataway SC Fall Classic

2018 38th Fall Classic Registration

Link for Registration:

Open Registration begins 6/30 for all teams, new and returning.

Register early, as we have sold out the last 8 years by mid July.

Mike Majorczak
Tournament Director
38th Fall Classic Sept 8-9, 2018

Piscataway Soccer Club

U7-U16 B&G
U7-U8     $195 (4) Games Guaranteed (note will play 7v7)
U9-U10   $425 (4) Games Guaranteed
U11-U15 $475 (4) Games Guaranteed
U16-U17 $350 (3) Games Guaranteed

Registration is OPENs  For Returning Teams 6/23
New Teams can Register starting 6/30

Check out the tournament tab on our website.
Las year's tournament sold out in by Mid July with our maximum capacity of 211 teams!! Don't miss out!! Register early!!!!  

Registration Opens 6/30for New Teams.

By mid July we were sold out last year, don't wait! 
Check out last years schedule for results and who attended.

The Tournament will follow US Soccer  and MNJYSA  Age and Team Size Changes

U7/U8 7v7, U9 & U10 7v7, U11 & U12 9v9, U13 and up 11v11.
I have been with the club for over 20 years, and in my time we have never cancelled our tournament due to rain or poor field conditions. Please keep this in mind when you are shopping for your Kick Off Tournament this Fall.
Our Fields sit up on a hill at Green Acres in Piscataway, and drain extremely well. Even after Hurricane Irene in August of 2010 all games were played. Only some last minute field realignment / construction was needed by our dedicated volunteers to ensure all games were played.

Last year we re-invested in our fields. We have started an $80K project to level the fields located in the area of Fields 5, 6, and 7. Click here for last years field map. 
Due to this we may have to open a 2nd site, though we plan to make sure everyone plays between 2-3 games at our Main Site. 
Our volunteers in the club work very hard and make the difference.
We received a lot of great feedback last year, and we will work to improve where needed.
Mike Majorczak
Tournament Director
Piscataway SC Fall Classic


Why Attend the - Piscataway SC 36th Annual Fall Classic?

4 Games Guaranteed. The Best Tournament In Central Jersey for 36 Years! The Best Value for your Tournament Money! Real Tournament Atmosphere!

We received a lot of great feedback last year, and we will work to improve where needed. We sold out at 216 teams last year.

Why should you choose us for your Fall Tournament in 2016?

Check out what the coaches said about our tournament in previous years.....

My team is in the U12 boys division - we thought it was a great tournament. It was very nice to have all the games at one facility, particularly since I have 2 kids playing in different age groups. It was nice to be able to see both of them play. Parking worked well for us - both the coaches parking, which is a nice touch, and the lot at the high school. We did not park in the outer lots on the other side of the fields, but they did look like they were rather far away.

The food was good and quite reasonable. My team much preferred the concessions as they were to having an outside vendor. We’ve found in the past that the food isn’t really any better, it’s just much more expensive. The corn vendor was a hit.

Overall, very nicely run. I am really glad to have chosen to come to your tournament over (one of our competitors). Even though your fields got rain too, at least we got to play. Nice job by your club to be able to pull it off.......You got a ton of rain and did as well as could be done to get games in.

 As you may remember, I had asked you about the competitive balance. More than anything else, that’s what provides the value in tournament participation. I was extremely pleased with our draw. We were able to play one team in our flight, two above us (which really challenged us in a good way) and one lower flighted team. If you can continue to build your tournament to provide this type of competition, you would have a really nice tournament for all participants. Thanks and congratulations on a nicely run tournament

Volunteers did great work. Very friendly and helpful. One also went out of there way to return a lost soccer ball. Referees did a good job in being consistent with calls and keeping games on track. Registration was easy and well organized. Very quick to get through.

... just wanted to give you feedback on you’re running a great tournament (and with three kids playing at various age levels, I had many opportunities to observe). Starting with the Condors very smooth check-in following non-receipt of our paperwork (stressful because we had submitted over a week earlier and was inexplicably not returned in time), to timely game starts, great referees, enthusiastic staff/volunteers, friendly concessions and easy parking (coaches’ parking was extremely helpful!), we had a great experience this year. You really re-invigorated the tournament that we recall with such fondness in our debut U-8 (now U-12) year. Thanks again for all of your hard work and for such a great start to the fall season!

First let me congratulate you on an exceptionally well-run tournament. Great atmosphere, food was very good, refs were very professional and kept things moving on time. We also appreciated the tight scheduling as we had our games at 9 & 11 on Saturday and 11 & 1 on Sunday. We’ve been to some tournaments where games get scheduled at 10am and 4pm and you feel "stuck" there the whole day. Considering the amount of rain we received over the past couple of weeks, I was also very surprised at how good of a shape the fields were in.

Overall, it was an extremely positive experience, and I can say that we would strongly consider returning next year.

Our kids had a great time at the tournament and I think everything was very well organized. We’re a U-8 team, and thought having one ref was fine. (the overwhelming majority of coaches when polled advised we should stay with one Referee at U8 to U-10.

Mike, not only did you put this tournament back on the map in the eyes of coaches and kids this year--very well run, back to the way it was when I first started coaching .... in 2005--but I like the clear follow-up. Look forward to participating again next year.

I’m not a small sided coach but coached small sided for 6 years w/ multiple kids, no need for 3 refs at small sided. Parents running the flag is sufficient w/ ref overruling parent flag person is perfectly fine.

Loved the sportsmanship pins--meant a lot to the kids!

Great tournament - especially loved the coaches parking and single location.

In Regard to 1 Referee System at U8 to U10

As a head coach of a U8 team and assistant of a U10 team, I do not see the need for the 3 referee system for small sided play. The setup of your tournament was fine.

As a Coach of U-12 Avengers, the question does not apply to me. However, since I rec’d the message and was a coach at U-9 and U-10, here’s my thought:
In Regard to 1 Referee System at U8 to U10

U10 and lower are non-results oriented in the first place, goals at this level are to foster an appreciation for the game first and raise technical abilities for each individual player. All coaches need constant reminding of this, and this is why MidNJ is non-results oriented up to U-10 too. I trust the leadership at the higher levels, and the child psychology that was considered in coming to that conclusion.

You guys ran a fantastic tournament.

Well done. Way to go!

1) Parking seemed ample

2) Food vendors were fine

3) Your photographer was friendly and easy-going, and took a phenomenal picture of our team in which every boy was smiling...

5) The tattoo vendor had a line the one time I happened to notice.

6) I thought the referees were adequate.

7) I was impressed by the cleanliness. I even complimented the tournament to your club president (name escapes me) while he was picking up trash outside the porta-potties...

8) Also, I loved the idea of the sportsmanship pin, but it’s difficult for coaches to identify players of ANOTHER team when they’re so caught up watching THEIR OWN team. Nonetheless, in 2 of our 4 games, we gave out pins to each other’s players. In 2 of my games, the other coaches had no idea about the one was not distributed.

9) I also loved the fact that all the fields were in one location. It’s easy, and makes it easy to wander off and watch another team from you town compete. Plus, on the map, it was great to point out which side of the field was for the players, and which side was for fans. Excellent detail.

It was great meeting you this weekend and as I said before the tournament, you guys run a great event and are a class act. As you know we had an issue on Sunday w/ the referee giving our kid a yellow card for entering the game on the opposing team’s throw in, when that’s how we had been doing it earlier in the game and the 2 games on Saturday as well. But you guys were extremely professional, listened to our complaint and let common sense prevail. I thank you for that! things we really liked about the tournament:

    • fields were in great shape, especially considering the monsoons we’ve had over the past few weeks
    • parking for coaches right next to the field
    • sportsmanship pins
    • ball and cooler bag for coaches
    • food and tents were good

 Tournament - The Hawks had a very enjoyable time. I think the centralized concessions was very well organized, parking was clearly marked and no parents complaints. As for the games I think the scheduling was great. Other tournaments we’ve been to had too much time between games and I think that ultimately takes away from the level of play and focus in the later games. On the fields where the lines for the 6yd and 18 yd boxes were orange it was difficult to decipher the Orange field markings. . We only played one game on an orange lined 6yd and 18yd but my goalie did have a challenge adjusting. Otherwise thanks for a terrific tournament well run, competitive and enjoyable.

I want to thank you and your staff for an excellent experience this weekend. We played in the U13 Gold division and the competition for 4 of the 5 was very evenly matched......The entire staff was great! Anyone I approached with a question was well informed and had an answer, whether it was someone helping with parking or others roaming the fields, everyone was very helpful. The sportsmanship award was also a great way to emphasize with the kids an important aspect of the game that is far too often overlooked. My boys all came off the field with a number they wanted to give the award to which shows they really valued that aspect. I wish there was a way to incorporate that into every league!

I have only heard fantastic praise from all of the coaches in the club about the tournament this weekend. Thanks for have us and hosting such as well organized event.

The tournament was great. Very well organized and we loved the phone updates. Food was good and the atmosphere was great. The girls loved the feather stuff. ....thank you for asking and for running a very good tournament

Over all, it was a very nicely organized and well run tournament, we would absolutely do it again. It came at the perfect time and really got the team ready for their first regular season game at a more competitive flight. ....I would like to commend you, your volunteers and your club on this past weekend’s tournament. I thought it was very well organized, well communicated and all went smoothly.

..... U11 Girls and parents had a great time. I did not hear 1 complaint about the set up, food or extras. The refs were pretty good to us as well! The kids loved the prize wheel and I know a few got some cool shirts, including mine. That said the cheaper the food the more $ that can be spent on the extras. Oh, one compliant on my end, never got to have any chicken as it sold out before I could get there both days! I hope all the hard work and time pays off for your club. You have a great facility and if our club decides to return my team will be there next year.  Thanks for the experience and good luck with your seasons,

Hi Mike - simply put, awesome well organized.   Well father-in-law lost reading glasses - any shot you have them?   (lost and found returned them to him) The pictures were a huge hit!   Great pricing on concessions.   Loved the robocalls and texts.   Refs were very good (though some wanted volunteer linesman, some didn’t.)   The field map was clutch.   Directions were spot on.   Coaches gift was a nice touch.   Quality game ball was a welcome surprise!   ....   it was a great tournament - add that you guys pulled that off just a week after Irene and all that you collectively had to deal with personally and for this tourney is quite impressive.  

I have to say this was the best run local tournament we have been to. This was the first tournament for our U11 Boys, and they had a blast despite no wins. This was among a long list of tournys for our U14 Girls so I am able to appreciate the differences.

This is my first time managing a team, but I thought the communication was terrific. The central location of all fields is great - many tournaments of this size are spread out among various fields and you lose the tournament field. Concessions were great - love the breakfast sandwiches--felt bad for the corn guy with no line. There was really no need to bring your own tailgate. ....Overall, I will highly recommend this tournament to our other club teams at our meeting this month.

Thanks again for hosting,

Thank you for a fun weekend of soccer. A few things...the vendors were great, fields were in good condition, and kids had fun. Registration was easy and convenient.

I would like to commend you and your staff.

First off, considering all the rain, the fields in my opinion were in great shape. Clearly the work that went into restoring them right up to game time on Saturday morning demonstrated your commitment to the teams in providing adequate playing surfaces.....

The communication was outstanding. Whether it was via e-mail, direct voice-mail message, the on site professionalism of the staff, signage leading into the facility, and literature (ie field map), it did not matter. I happen to experience all of them first hand and everything was superb.

The officiating were very good, in particular the crew that was assigned to the U14G group.

The 9/11 moment of silence yesterday morning prior to the Sunday morning kick-offs throughout the entire facility was a true sign of class and respect on your part. It needed to be done. For multiple reason, I am very grateful you elected to acknowledge this tribute.

I wanted to thank PSC for putting on a great tournament. You and your team had to work extremely hard to pull it all together. Big thank you to them. We had good a experience both days. Green acres is a great place to host an event like that. Great soccer atmosphere.

The Referee’s we encountered were professional and knowledgeable. They all called a fair game.

Concessions were a great deal, burger and a soda for $5 is fine by me.

Again thanks for a great weekend of soccer and good luck this fall.

Congratulation on pulling off a wonderfully organized and enjoyable tournament. You along with your tournament committee did a terrific job. You continually provided updates on field status leading up to the day of the tournament. The fields were clearly marked and the map provided was clear. There was plenty of space for the team to warm up. The event volunteers were easy to spot sine they all wore event pinnies. It was evident that there was a lot of thought behind the parking situation, coaches and refs had the benefit of parking in the closest lot, so they didn’t have too far to carry all their equipment. The game schedule was nicely spaced, the hour break between games allowed our boys an opportunity to grab something to eat but still stay somewhat focused. Our team did enjoy the reasonable priced chicken strips, burger & fries. Some commented on what a wonderful idea it was to have the booster club run the concession stand. Karen thoroughly enjoyed the chicken strips and fries as well as the roasted corn. The port-o-johns were nicely spreadout, .....

The tournament was great. I think you and the other organizers did an amazing job, and really showed our club and our town in a positive light.

I personally enjoyed the tournament very much, and our girls had a great time (playing well helped, but we would have enjoyed anyway). I had no complaints: parking was easy (at least with a coach’s pass...), the club run food stand was a great idea--don’t go for more expensive.

The refereeing was fine, with the occasional questionable call, or missed offsides call not being a big deal.

Thanks a lot for the terrific weekend.

Hey Mike,,,Tournament was great. Went over real well with everyone. Everybody had a great time. Had no complaints from anyone about the vendors or parking,,,nothing, everything went well. ..... and defiantly hope to come back next year. Thanks for everything!!!

The .... Fury U13B had a blast at your tournament. The food was very good and we all had some corn. We even purchased the team photos (which our parents never do). Parking was fine also. We also liked seeing on-line who applied before we entered. We decided to apply since one other team from our league was there. We used this tournament to move our players around and get rust out.


Mike Majorczak

Tournament Director

Piscataway SC Fall Classic

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